The best advertising for casinos and gambling entertainments

Like any large-scale business, the casino industry uses television advertising to attract customers. Such advertising is not allowed in all countries, but where it is allowed, the owners of casinos and gambling sites have more competition. Each studio produces creative videos about winnings, jackpots, new bally slots  machines and promotions. Such advertising attracts hundreds and even thousands of new gamers.

When you're lucky

Fallsview Casino did not use the beautiful scenery of Niagara Falls which attracts many tourists. Advertising specialists have shown all the creativity for this task. They shot a short story about good fortune.

 Thanks to good fortune, the main character meets two beautiful girls in the park.

Where odds are high

This scene turns out differently for the protagonist of the roller of the American casino resort called "Treasure Island". The casino has released a series of clips with the slogan: "We give more chances!".

The ability to change your life

Harrah’s Corporation, which owns casinos and hotels in Nevada, showed the day of an ordinary office employee after a big win. He said goodbye to his past life, boring colleagues and debts.

According to the precepts of the Godfather

The British company Ladbrokes is famous for betting and real gaming rooms. It presented a new look at the classics of cinema. One of its commercials was made in the form of a parody of The Godfather. In addition, advertising professionals did it on a professional level. First, the company released a long version of the video. After this success, Ladbrokes used such creative solutions several times later.

Mini Celebrities

Advertising creators to promote various products and services often address the topic of cinema. A few years ago, the BGO operator launched a loud and successful marketing campaign with show business stars. The central character of the commercials was Vern Troyer. If you do not know, he became popular thanks to the films about Austin Powers. Vern starred in 20+ ads, but his career stopped in April 2018. The actor died from alcohol poisoning.

A famous poker player starred in one of the commercials too. Here he was "Big Boss". Another novel is devoted to Paris Hilton who was looking for work.

Find the best use for your finger

Ten years ago, the famous Australian casino (Adelaide) made a loud statement: "We know the best use for the index finger!". Of course, the finger should click on the "Spin" button.

After that, the experts shot a video with a call to train fingers. This is a fun and creative ad.

Feel the taste of the game

Advertising of game halls does not always have funny characters. Sometimes a good idea does not require large-scale filming and expensive equipment. Advertising StanJames online casino confirms this. The creators of the video simply compared the taste of an ordinary lemon with the taste of victory.

Advantages of gaming resources

After the advent of online casinos, the approach to advertising has changed. When gambling sites began to appear, advertising specialists did not know how to describe the benefits of gaming resources.

But William Hill Corporation showed that a virtual casino is available for every player. You do not need to spend time searching for the gaming room, since you only need to connect to the Internet.